Kitchen & Interior Design Inspiration

Timeless White & Pastel Shade Kitchens


Central islands are a great asset in a kitchen and offer a multitude of uses. We have incorporated electric oven ranges, hobs, sinks and breakfast bars, sometimes using contrasting materials to create a very individual look.

Many of our clients comment on how the addition of a central island or peninsula breakfast bar has helped to improve the quality of their family time, with their children keen to sit and do their homework there and chat about their day. Clients also comment about how well the central islands work when they are entertaining, with the host able to enjoy company while cooking.

Peninsular breakfast bars work well in certain spaces

Peninsular Dining

Peninsular breakfast bars work well in certain spaces and we have installed a number of these in recent times, especially into some of the projects where clients have had some building work to combine kitchen, dining and living spaces into one free flowing area.

create atmospheric lighting


Our electrician team know how to create atmospheric lighting and have used lighting in ingenious ways. Beaded lighting just under the edge of the work surfaces, or above the kick boards, or around a floating shelf gives a further lighting option when you want to switch off the main lights to create a warmer look to the room. This form of beaded lighting can also be incorporated into the interiors of kitchen cupboards, coming on when they are opened to illuminate the inside. Our designers have also incorporated them into the interiors of our new bedroom furniture.

wood revival

Wood Revival

It is always interesting to see how new trends develop and evolve each year, especially in the kitchen furniture sector. The trend for all white kitchens has evolved into a more modified trend of combining white kitchen furniture with contrasting wood or wood effect materials, something that claremont has been doing for some time by introducing the warmth and texture of wood into their kitchen designs in peninsular breakfast bars and up walls with feature shelving where clients can display personal items.

Timeless White & Pastel Shades

Timeless White & Pastel Shades

White will always be a popular choice for kitchens as it is so timeless and has such broad appeal. The trend commentators in the national and interiors media are stating that other neutral shades of grey and pale blue are on-trend. Again a colour range that claremont has been incorporating into their bespoke style hand-made kitchen range and their new non-bespoke newly launched 'Farrow and Ball collection'

Royal Rich Blue on Trend

Royal Rich Blue on Trend

Dark blue is another on-trend colour that we have already used in several projects with this deep and dramatic colour adding depth and 'warmth' . This deep colour has been used on the central island which is topped by the a solid walnut work surface adding both richness and smooth texture.

Copper & Stainless Steel

Copper & Stainless Steel

Other materials are copper and stainless steel. Our new true handle less range of kitchens has incorporated copper fronted doors and copper accents